Today in class the students learned two different skills.

1) Google Hangout. We’ve been communicating with a Grade 6/7 class from my previous school, trying to create new bonds with other French Immersion students. Almost all Division 21 students have had the chance to introduce themselves in from of the camera, in French!

I am very proud of everyone. Speaking to an audience without having a script on hand is not an easy skill to master but all did extremely well. Our first Google Hangout took place yesterday, we did another this afternoon and the last one is scheduled for Thursday.

2) Google Maps. As part of the Social Studies curriculum, the students are working on a community project. This project will be shared with our Grade 6/7 friends from l’Ecole Jules Quesnel. Since the project will involve a lot of technology, we are currently learning how to use Google Maps and how to add interest points to our maps.

Here’s a tutorial I created this morning to help those who are having a hard time remembering the steps. Please note that to create these kinds of maps, the students must log into a Google Account. I have given them access to a class Gmail account which is all controlled by me. We talked about proper online behaviour and I expect everyone to be respectful when using the class account.

Should your child want to open his/her own Gmail account, please ensure to have access to it. Gmail is reserved for students 13 years and older which is why it should be used under your supervision.



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