Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is quickly approaching. Out of respect for the students, I am asking that…

1) No one gets excluded. If a few girls or boys are excluded when delivering friendship messages, it can be very damaging. Although some students may try to be subtle when delivering their few friendship messages, everything get noticed. Students talk.

Girls can give cards to girls only, boys can give cards to boys only, or each can give cards to everybody. That’s ok.

2) If your child is giving  cards to his/her classmates, please avoid writing specific names on the cards. When 24 students try to deliver their cards, it gets very messy. This takes time away from learning.

And if your child wasn’t planning on giving cards to anyone, it’s ok too. 🙂

Thanks for your understanding!

Mme Annie


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. Thanks for your input, Jennifer. I think that creating individualized cards is a wonderful idea.

    The reasons behind my request are confidential. Rest assured that everything I do is for the benefit of the whole class. All students have individual boxes and are free to deliver their individualized messages, before and after school.

    Mme Annie

  2. Sorry – but your message is too late. Sidney has been working on his cards for the past couple weeks – personalized for each of his classmates. They’ve all been doing this at Valentines with each other since kindergarten and I don’t think there’s ever been a problem with anyone being excluded before. (And you’ll probably be amazed at how many of these kids actually make their own cards.) I, for one, don’t mind if they spend 20 minutes of their day distributing cards. I think it’s an important part of their learning.

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