Poster of the Day

Poster of the Day

This is to be the most important poster I’ve made this year. The only thing that has changed is where to place the agenda.

The students also have an individual checklist on their desk to remind them of these routines. Please take the time to discuss these with your child at home. Many students are still struggling with our morning routines. If you don’t see my signature in your child’s agenda when you look at it at night (and sign it), it probably means your child forgot to hand it in to me. I was only unable to sign the agendas 4  or 5 times since the beginning of the school year so my signature should be pretty much everywhere. It’s a lot of work but the use of an agenda (electronic or paper) is an important skill to have before going to high school.

I left my phone at home yesterday but Ms.Chudnovsky took a camera with her. Will try to get a hold of what she took. Stay tuned…


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