The students are FINALLY starting to use Edmodo and I am super excited! 🙂 Please take the time to visit the site with your child. Ask him/her to give you the tour. Please ensure to also sign up as a parent, using your parent code. If you don’t have your parent code already ask your child to give it to you. It is in his/her account, pretty easy to spot after logging in.

Edmodo is a great way to encourage the students to read and write, in French and in English. I will be sharing lots of resources this way. Your child will also be able to hand in work that way.

I’ve sent a Code of Conduct home and you’ve all taken a look at it but here are some important rules that I want to remind everyone of.

-All discussion must be in French, unless specified by me.

-Everyone must remain polite with each other.

-Students are encouraged to share ideas and participate in discussions.

-All material shared on Edmodo must be appropriate for school.

-When using pictures, the students must ensure to respect copyrights. This is a great infographic I found on the teacher part of Edmodo. Make sure to take a look at it!

I suspect there will be a lot of “bonjour” posted at the beginning but I know your child’s comments will evolve into something much better as the year progresses. 

Important: Everyone has a task to complete for the evening.  Make sure to remind your child about this when signing the agenda. 

Have a great night!


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