Math Project & SFU Inquiry

Math Project & SFU Inquiry

The students are currently working on a math project. It is a group project but some wanted to work on their own and I allowed them to do that too. The project is turning into something much bigger than anticipated but I’ve decided to make the best of it and integrate it into our Language Arts and Fine Arts program. Writing instructions in French and creating a board is after all, not just connected to math!

This math project is part of my new SFU inquiry and I hope to tell you more about this very soon. My inquiry question will be along this line.

“How can I broaden my students’ sense of community in relation to other classes and other schools?”

I’m not sure what to think of it yet but it’s a start. I got the idea last term, after completing the Collaborative Mural Project. My SFU instructor is the one who encouraged me to go in this direction after I told her what I’d just done with my students and other classes/schools.

What do I hope to get from this, you may ask? I want to broaden my students’ perspectives. I want them to realise that there is more than  just “us”, French Immersion students in a school. I want them to become more involved with students their own age, whether they are French Immersion students or not. I also want them to expand their horizons, to show them that there are other French Immersion students just like them in different school around Vancouver.

Some of the projects that we will be working on in the next few months are:

-Board Game exchange project with a Grade 4/5 FI class from Henry Hudson

-Artist in residence project with Ms. Chudnovsky’s Grade 4/5 class

-iPad mentorship within the school (more info to come later)

-Livromanie program (this is a VSB French Immersion reading program for all intermediate students)

-Community project (more info to come later)

I’m also in touch with teachers from various schools and I hope to involve my students with each one of their classes. I have a few ideas of what I plan on doing with each one of them and I will let you know as it unfolds. I would also like to use public transportation to visit a few of these schools.

There are many more projects I’d like to take on this school year but I’ll leave it at that for now. The list of things I’d like to explore with technology includes:

-Mystery Skype

-Google Hangouts

Those who have worked with me in the past know that I like projects and I like to get my students involved in the school. I get a lot from it too. Projects and collaboration with other teachers is what fuels me on a daily basis. Now that I am slowly finding my place at my new school I can start dreaming big. The sky’s the limit!

Have a great evening everyone! I will be back in class tomorrow and I hope I’ll manage to last the entire day!


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