Google Docs Lesson

Google Docs Lesson

Today, during our computer lab period (between 1100 and 1210), the students will be learning how to use Google Documents for the first time.

As you know, I am still recovering at home. But thanks to technology, I will also join the class and participate in the Google Doc exploration. Fingers crossed the internet and our school computers will be cooperating today.

If you would like to see what the students are doing, feel free to click on the links you see below. Out of respect for everyone, I ask that you do not enter any information in the Google Docs.

Here’s a copy/paste of the lesson I posted on the “Informatique” page.

Voici le travail d’aujourd’hui, le mercredi 15 janvier

1. Exploration des Google Docs.

a) Read this document. This part is in English because there are some very important rules that I want you and your parents to understand before we start collaborating with Google Docs. I want you to also read this carefully with your teacher.

b) Pratique-toi avec les Google Docs. Choisis le document qui correspond à ton numéro d’élève. Réponds aux questions qui sont posées. Je ferai la même activité de chez moi, dans mon salon. 🙂

Groupe 1: élèves 1 à 6

Groupe 2: élèves 7 à 12

Groupe 3: élèves 13 à 18

Groupe 4: élèves 19 à 24


I hope you get a chance to witness this fun activity!

Annie 🙂


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