The Lion Whisperer

I’m sick at home, killing time, waiting to get better. Sleep is short and my attention span too, which means I get lots of time to read articles and watch videoclips.

Your child is in good hands at school. I know the Teacher on Call working today and she is wonderful.

I came across this amazing video this morning. Those are the days where I wish our school had wifi and proper bandwidth. I’ll try to download it from home so that I can use it in class. Lots of great learning opportunities with this video…


2 thoughts on “The Lion Whisperer

  1. Such a beautiful video, Kyla was lucky enough to pet lion cubs last time she was in Africa. She was also charged by a young Elephant bull. Apparently all the young male elephants in Pilansberg, (a game reserve just outside Pretoria) are all really aggressive now because there are no more matriarchs, (mama elephants) to control the young bulls. The mama elephants have been killed off by poachers, who export their tusks to be used in eastern medicine. (just an anecdote in case this becomes a lesson topic)

    Also, thank you so much for coming out to the project limelight show yesterday, I know it meant so much to the kids, (especially since you were so sick). I hope you are able to rest up today!

    1. Thanks so much for this info, Kirsty! Kyla is so lucky to have seen and touched lion cubs! I watched the video a second time yesterday and definitely plan on watching it a third time with the students.

      We don’t need textbooks anymore. I love following current events and using videos and audio files as teaching material. A lot of the information I find in textbooks is not up to date and I often end up getting what I need online.

      I’m feeling better. I plan on returning to school tomorrow (Thursday).

      Enjoy the day! 🙂

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