Computer Lab Update

Computer Lab Update

I’ve reorganised the computer lab so that everyone can work and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. I will discuss this in class with your child tomorrow too. This is a picture of the new seating arrangement. Coming up with seating arrangement is like playing a chess game. It is complex and demands a lot of thinking!


Starting next Monday, we will also be modifying Monday’s schedule a bit so that we can take advantage of the computer lab during the lunch hour. Teaching important computer skills is challenging when there are only 29 computers available so I’m trying something new in the hope it will make a difference. By doing so, the students will receive an extra 30 minutes per week of computer lab time.
Monday’s schedule will look like:

Recess: 1035 – 1055

Lunch break: 1145 -1230

Work in the computer lab: 1230 – 1300

PE will still remain from 1345 until 230.

The students will follow the regular schedule for the other days of the week.

Have a great evening,

Mme Annie


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