Computer Lab

Computer Lab

As you’ve probably heard already, wifi at our school is pretty much nonexistent. What’s even more frustrating is that our regular internet is also very unreliable.  As a result of this, visiting the computer lab often turns into a nightmare.

But yesterday, I chose to look at the bright side and not use internet as it was once again, giving many a hard time. I decided to explore Open Office instead and taught the students some useful skills.

-How to save a document

-How to create tables inside a document

-How to change the background color of a page

-How to add color to sections of the table

-How to change the page format to landscape

-How to hand in work using the hand out/hand in folders located on the school server

What made things even better this time is that I was able to use the projector which was recently installed in the computer lab.

What a great lesson that was!

P.S. Open Office is also what I use on my personal computer. If is a free program that can easily be downloaded from the internet.


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