Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

To prepare for the upcoming holiday, I’ve decided to divide our remaining school days as follows:

-One day of receiving => I (or the school) will give something to them . This could take the shape of an activity or an object (edible or not).

-One day of giving => The students do something for someone else. Purchased gifts or already made items are not what I’m looking for this activity.

I will keep on alternating days until the break. My days of giving have all been planned and I’m working hard at home, thinking about each one of my students. This is something I’ve never done with my class before and I hope the students will like it.

To keep you in the loop, yesterday (Monday) was a day of giving. I’ve asked everyone to think about an adult in their life (at school) that they would like to write a note to. Anyone they’ve had the chance to interact with and that they would like to thank is ok with me, as long as I am be able to easily get in touch with each one of them. Great news: Mme Shuh and Mme Vanessa are not out of reach!

Simple cards with a short “thank you” message written inside are not acceptable for this kind of assignment. To help them prepare better, I am teaching the students to write from the heart and to come up with meaningful messages. Since modelling good writing is important, I’ve shared some of the “bucket fillers” I’ve received from my former students and parents. If some former parents are reading this right now, it means that we have looked at some of your messages, which are displayed on a special wall somewhere in the classroom. 🙂

They say people who help others and who give more are happier in life. Yesterday, while the students were writing their messages, I’ve asked them how they felt. It didn’t take them long to respond positively to my question. If only I would have had my camera to film their response!

If you’d like to know more about this happiness project, don’t forget to talk to your child at the dinner table this evening.

Have a great day,

Mme Annie


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