School Performance – Rehearsing

School Performance – Rehearsing

The students will be performing during our Winter Concert, which is scheduled for the last week of school. There will be an afternoon performance on Tuesday December 17 and an evening performance on Wednesday December 18.

Yesterday, while practicing in class, I used my voice recorder to give them a chance to hear themselves sing. Technology is a great tool to use when wanting to provide immediate feedback and I think the students respond well to it.

I’ve included the tracks here too in case you’re curious to hear what we sound like. The quality of the recording is obviously poor but it is enough for what we are needing it for.

Our World – Vocals

Our World – Instrumental

We’re Going Green – Vocals

We’re Going Green – Instrumental


2 thoughts on “School Performance – Rehearsing

  1. And who do I have the pleasure to talk to? 🙂

    The afternoon concert is scheduled for 1pm on Tuesday and the evening concert is scheduled for 6pm on Wednesday. A notice was given to all students about this. It seems like many have difficulties remembering to take their notices home.

    Have a great evening,


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