Pro-D Tomorrow – Late Work (for some)

Pro-D Tomorrow – Late Work (for some)

In French, a Professional Development Day is a “journée pédagogique”.

Tomorrow is a “journée pédagogique”. Don’t forget!

If your child is bored at home, please remind him/her that the following assignments may be late (see list below). Work habits are super important. Without good executive functioning skills (I’m being even more specific… this is a book I have used in the past as a reference, in case you’d like to read more about it), a student may end up having a lot of difficulties in school. Being smart is only one fraction of what makes a student successful in school. In Grade 4 and 5, your support is needed.

At the moment, many students are falling behind with their school work (done in class). Those who get easily distracted or who have difficulties with their organization are the ones who may have more work to catch up on at home.

1) “Are you a Genius?” questionnaire – click here (passwords were shared in class – ALL should know it by now)


2) Projet IKEA – the students were given $5000 to decorate/furnish their bedroom. They were asked to use grid paper to align numbers properly and also to keep track of the items purchased by writing down the name of each item. If you don’t have access to a catalogue, you can also use this site.

This will be challenging project for the Grade 4 students. Remind your child to break down the steps and not to add too many items all at once. 

3) Blog Post #1 – Welcome Message (in French)

4) Podcasting – The Survey (for my SFU inquiry)

5) French Haiku – I’ve read them all and gave feedback. The students need to look at it, improve their work and return it to me. We will be writing our good copies next week.

A haiku is a very short poem. Word repetition isn’t encouraged.

6) Blog Post #2 – Message about the podcasting project (info can be found under the “informatique” tab.

I know this may sound like a lot of work but believe me, we have been working on most of these projects for many weeks now. The majority of the students have most of their work completed but I wanted to let you all know of this should you want to discuss school work at home with your child.

Instead of asking the usual “What did you do at school today?” and get the usual “Nothing!” from your child, you could try to talk about one of these projects instead.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Have a lovely weekend!






3 thoughts on “Pro-D Tomorrow – Late Work (for some)

  1. Hi Patricia,
    Your wish has been granted! I also changed it again yesterday. Did she try since? The one I gave her is the default one I give everyone at the beginning of the year. She should remember it as I said it to her yesterday.
    Perhaps you could find a trick that could help her remember it?

    This is a very useful video to watch for creating strong passwords. I used it for myself and haven’t had any problems ever since!

    1. Thanks Annie. She knows you reset it and then she changed it twice and forgot the second change. Sigh. We have had a chat about changing passwords and about writing the down! Have a good PD day!

  2. Hi Annie,

    Lucie really wants to work on her blog this weekend but her new password isn’t working. Could you reset it one more time please. Thanks!

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