Typing – Tap’Touche

Typing – Tap’Touche

I’ve registered our class to Tap’Touche. It is a French typing program that I’ve used with my former students. The great thing about Tap’Touche is that the students can also work from home and I can see their progress from my own computer.

To log in, the students will need their username and password (they already have it).

Make sure to switch to the French keyboard as you’ll realize quickly that it isn’t possible to move forward.

Let your child teach you how it works! And don’t forget to remind him/her to work on this at home too. I can already predict that the majority of my students will be using computers later on in life. Learning how to type is important!

Click on this link if you’d like to access the school Tap’Touche account. Googling it won’t work. I will also add the link to the list of links I’ve created on the class blog.