Reading With Your Child

Reading With Your Child

When your son or daughter entered French Immersion, you made a commitment: to provide support with his/her French learning. If you don’t speak French, this will be much harder for you to do. I would be lying if I said that French Immersion was easy. Starting in Grade 4, the Language Arts component doubles up. This means that reading, writing and speaking (French) becomes a huge challenge to many.

Quite a few students are telling me that they have difficulty reading when they are at home and this was confirmed yesterday, when they gathered data around their home reading habits. After our discussion, we took the time to establish individualised reading goals for the week.  We will review these goals next Monday when discussing the home reading program again in class.

My only request to you is: please ensure that reading gets done on a daily basis! Reading for 45 minutes one day and taking 3-4 days off doesn’t work. Reading needs to be consistent and it shouldn’t be for less than 15 minutes.

A love of learning cannot be forced. Many students will need your support to find great books to read on their own or to read aloud with you. If you need help finding a great novel to read aloud (in English, unless you can also read in French), please come see me. You can also visit our wonderful librarians at our school/VPL library. I’m sure they will be happy to recommend something to you.


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