Agenda Expectations

Agenda Expectations

Using an agenda is extremely important to learn to organize oneself. If I need to get in touch with you, I will be writing a note in there (I do not use email as a way of communication). Please take the time to do this every evening with your child. Here are my expectations, which can also be found on our class website under “Expectations“.

At school, the students need to:

-write the assigned work to do for the evening (usually reading and finish “x” at home)

-self-evaluate their spoken French (using the smileys)

-take note of any upcoming events (assembly, school wide activities, outings, etc.)


At home, the students need to:

-refer to their agenda to make sure nothing gets forgotten

-check or highlight what has been completed

-show you their agenda and discuss their day

-ask for your signature (your child should be the one asking so that he/she can learn to be more independent)

-take note of the minutes read during the evening (or morning)


I encourage the students to read on a daily basis, in French or in English. At this point, I am not assigning an amount of minutes for our home reading program. It is up to your child to decide how much he/she should be reading. Soon we’ll start establishing individual goals for reading at home. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support with this!