Day 1 – Update

Day 1 – Update

The students have settled in nicely today. Classroom supplies were distributed, books and magazines were read. I had another amazing day at my new school, thanks to all of you. Three very cute boys held the door for me this morning as I was carrying bags of ‘stuff’. I didn’t even ask, they were just waiting for me on the other side.  I was very impressed by it to say the least!

In class today we came up with our classroom rules, did some ‘speed reading’ (one minute and a half per book, making lists of French books we’d like to read in the future) and played math games too. Reviewing basic addition facts at home would be a great idea if you are looking for something to do.

I read the book “Mr Peabody’s Apples” (click here if you’d like to hear it too) and we had a lovely discussion following the reading. Who knew Madonna could write such great stories?!

I finally managed to finish our class website this evening. I will still continue blogging but thought that having a website to contain the important information may be easier for some of you. This was one of the many projects I worked on this summer while at university.  I hope you like it!

Website here

Have a great evening everyone!