My Bucket Is Full

My Bucket Is Full

Thank you, parents, for such a wonderful year!

This has by far been my best year at JQ. My students know about this already but one of the reasons I had such a great year is because of you. I fell supported all the way. And loved. You have no idea what this kind of attitude can do to a teacher’s mind and overall happiness/performance.

I have seen many teachers leave JQ over the past 10 years and I’m tempted to say that quite a few would have never left the school had they received the support I had this year with you. I’ve always been worried about sharing this so openly but now that I’m leaving, I feel it is my duty to do so. I am also doing it because I’m leaving on a high (with a full bucket as I often tell my students) and I’ve had the chance to work with kind and respectful parents this school year. There has been a few challenging years but thankfully, this year was a great one for me.

Feeling valued is important to us teachers. When teachers and parents work together, wonderful things can happen. We perform better. As I often told my kids, “Lorsque mon sceau est plein, je suis prête à vous décrocher la lune”. (I couldn’t find a proper equivalent but even if it sounds silly, it pretty much means that when I feel valued and respected, I can get my students the moon).

So thanks a million times for this great last year at JQ. Thanks also for the lovely gifts and the cards I received. As per tradition, I put all the cards up on a wall in my place so I can look at them every day. And my scrapbook is sitting on my ottoman in the living room. I definitely plan on reading it over and over again. I never figured out who initiated this project so if you know, please say something!

I plan on continuing to share new discoveries on this blog this summer. Please come back and visit!