Saying Goodbye

Dear parents & friends,

Some of you probably heard the news through your child but I wanted to make it official and announce it here as well. It’s taken me a while to write this up as I’m having a hard time finding the proper words to use.

Two weeks ago, I made an important decision. I decided it was time to leave JQ. As many of you probably know, JQ is my first school. Ten years have passed and I’m feeling the need to get out there to discover the world. As of September 2013, I will be teaching Grade 4/5 at Lord Strathcona Elementary. They now have a French Immersion program and I’m excited to be part of their team.
I announced the news to the class last week and many had questions for me. I’ve copied a few here for you as I’m sure you are curious too.
Why are you leaving? 
I’m leaving because it’s time for a change. Change is good. I am not leaving because I am unhappy with anything but because I feel the need to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world. That’s how people grow. By getting out of their comfort zone.
I’m also leaving because I want to get closer to where I live. Driving 35 minutes each way every day is becoming a bit much for me.
I was once told that when turning 40, people make all sorts of changes and important decisions. I will be turning 40 this summer so I’d like to use this as my official excuse. (getting older is wonderful, no one should be ashamed of it!)
Will you stay in touch?
Of course. This blog will still exist. I may change the look of it a bit but the content will continue to be the same. I am only one click away from you and if you wish, you will be able to email me to say hello. That’s why the internet is so awesome. I don’t communicate with parents by email but once school is over (or nearing the end), if you have something positive to share, you are welcome to do so. I will also continue communicating and exchanging ideas with the JQ staff.
Will we (the students) be able to continue being members of Edmodo and do some writing on Kidblog?
I haven’t thought about this yet. Since this is something I also plan on doing with my new class, I may have to eventually put an end to it. Nothing is official. Don’t panic. I will keep you posted with my decision.
I’ve never liked saying goodbye and ending this post is also not easy. So here you go… You’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth! (I’m trying to challenge myself with language too. Ha!)
Have a great day,