Important Announcement – Micro Greens

Important Announcement – Micro Greens

Dear parents,

Division 9 is not participating in the micro greens science fair. When this project was brought up to the staff a few weeks ago, it was completely optional. Due to the amount of work and projects that have been going on in class, I made the decision to not register my class. Many colleagues chose to do the same as me.

What you see and hear about is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as school work goes. I still have many things to cover in class and I need all the time I can with the students. This time of the year is extremely stressful for me as I’m trying to finalize projects and do various assessments. It’s also part of the reason why I chose to not participate in this.

I’ve heard that a few parents from another class were unhappy with another teacher’s decision and to prevent this to happen to me, I chose to share this info with you beforehand.

Thanks in advance for your understanding,


P.S. The Science Fair will take place in the gym, starting at 3pm. Feel free to visit it with your child!