Long Division – Using Screen Chomp

Long Division – Using Screen Chomp

A student found one of the weekly long division problems a bit too difficult. To help her understand better, I have made a tutorial, using strategies we discussed in class. I have posted it on Edmodo so that other students can see it too.

The tutorial was done on my iPad, using the Screen Chomp app (which is free). It might take a minute to load so be patient. This should give you a better idea of what we are working on in class.

At the moment, the students are also learning to use Showbie to share their work done on an iPad. Please note that Showbie is a free app and can also be accessed from a computer. So far, students #1 – #15 have explored with Showbie. I like to meet with them in small group settings so that I can help those who need more support.

If your child has been taught how to use Showbie, feel free to use it with him/her. I suggest that you also try logging in using your computer. Showbie is a great tool as it allows me to add audio feedback to the work done.