If you own an iPad…

If you own an iPad…

It would be great if you could install the following free apps on it so that I can experiment with your child.

Educreations (see icon below)


-Showbie (see icon below)


What are they good for?

Educreations will allow your child to demonstrate his/her learning. It records what is being written but also what is being said. I’d like to use it in Math, so that the students can show me what they can do when solving long division problems.

Showbie is a great app that will allow the students to hand in their work more easily. When I log in as a teacher, I can create assignments and also find the work being submitted.

Your child should not sign up as I’ve already set up a class on my side this afternoon. Installing the app is sufficient!

Those of you who don’t own iPads should not worry as we will also have the opportunity to do this in class.