Late Work & Blogging

Late Work & Blogging

Edit (May14):

Due to a parent concern, I am removing the “late work” reminder from this blog. In the future, when you’d like to discuss a specific matter, please come see me. From now on, I will ask that you talk to your child to see if there is any late work. 

Thank you,

Mme Annie

This weekend, I assigned a simple task: to add a comment on someone else’s blog. Unfortunately, many students did not complete the work on time. If something gets in the way of this (internet connection could be one reason), please write a short note in your child’s agenda so that I know what to expect.

If you’d like to know if you child handed in his/her work this past week, you can consult this Google Doc. I’ve updated it a few minutes ago so it should be pretty accurate. Talk to your child about it if you are unsure what last week’s assignments were.

Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs is an important part of our Language Arts program this term. Please continue discussing this at home with your child. These skills will last them a lifetime…

You can also refer to this rubric, which I plan on using in class with the students. I’ve also done a screen shot of the “comments” part, which you’ll find in this post.