Looking for Pennies – For Technology

Looking for Pennies – For Technology

In 2008, I organised a penny drive with a small group of student leaders. We were part of the “Global Committee” and wanted to bring global awareness to JQ students. In total, we raised $1090.62. This money was given to our sister school, in Africa. The breakdown is as follows:

Hospital care for one sick boy & family support: $345.62
50 mosquito nets: $250 
2 revision textbooks for grade 8 students: $100
One teacher for two weeks: $100
One soccer ball: $20
Two school uniforms: $100
One cow: $150
One goat: $25

Total: $1090.62

This is what $1090.62 looked like, a few days before I finished counting all the leftover pennies.




What I’d like to do this time is to raise money so that we can purchase a few tech items for the students. There isn’t much I’m asking from you, aside from sending me your unwanted pennies. I have no idea how I plan on storing and counting these but all I know is that I’m looking for ways to raise money for our kids. A group of student leaders tried to do this a few months ago but so far, less than $100 has been raised.

If I was able to get $1090.62 in a few weeks, I’m pretty sure I can do the same this year again. This might be the last time your old pennies will come to good use.

Let’s make it happen!  Bring all you can to room 105 (Division 9 class)!

Thanks in advance for your support,