About our Math Program

About our Math Program

The weekly math problem has been canceled this week. Since many students still struggle with basic math facts (addition, subtraction and multiplication) I am asking that everyone works on these at home (15 minutes per night is sufficient).

Those with a busy schedule can do 15 minutes of French reading instead of the usual 30 minutes per day.

Before Spring Break, I gave the students a Math Celebration. Believe it or not, I am still unable to return these to you as many students have missed school and are still trying to complete these evaluations. I have marked everything so far (this was done even before going away in March) and I hope to be able to return this to you by the end of the week.

Please note that on Friday, I plan on evaluating the students once more in Math. Here are the prescribed learning outcomes I plan on addressing this time:

1. Can read and record time using digital and analog clocks, including 24-hour clocks

2. Can tell elapsed time by skip counting by 5s and by using number lines

3. Can convert time intervals using weeks, days, hours and years

4. Can read and record calendar dates in a variety of formats

If in need of extra practice, please refer to the JUMP assessment book we use in class. I will remind the students to take these home on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Thanks for your support,