Squamish – Thank You!

Squamish – Thank You!

Our stay in Squamish was a success, despite the heavy rain we got on Thursday evening. A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers: Beth (Nathan), Greg (Quentin), Lisa E. (Maizie), Lisa P. (Luke & Matt), Nancy (Owen) and Richard (Danika).   This outing would have never been possible without your help and support. It’s been great getting to know you all!

I will only be sharing one picture with you online as I’d like to share the rest with you in person. I plan on scheduling an open house in a few weeks from now as I know the students will have a lot to say about the learning that took place these past few months. Aside from visiting the Museum of Anthropology and spending the night in a Bighouse, they’ve all been researching a specific First Nation group. This research isn’t completed yet and that’s what I would like to work on in class starting on Monday. Sending your child to school is therefore super important.

A huge thank you to all parents/students who completed the “homework sheet” I had assigned in preparation for our Squamish outing. Fifteen students returned their checklist and had followed through on my recommendations. This makes me feel valued and I really appreciate it.

Ensxi7pm (O-see-Um)