Back to School!

Back to School!

Thanks for sending your child to school today! We’ve already done so much and only one day has passed.

I did a show and tell with the class this afternoon, sharing what I’ll be taking with me to Squamish. It will likely be raining so make sure to pack a pair of rain pants and some rainboots.

We’ve also started learning about Twitter. Even though the students are aware that they cannot open their own Twitter account, they are old enough to discuss proper online behaviour. Our class is already following 33 other classes from around the world and we hope to learn a lot from them. This is all very exciting!

Please remember that even if no official homework has been assigned, the students can always review basic math facts at home. In Grade 4, addition, subtraction and multiplication must be mastered. Right now, we are learning to read time so any practice at home (using an analog clock) is helpful.

Have a great evening!