Squamish Overnight – Thursday April 4 & Friday April 5

Squamish Overnight – Thursday April 4 & Friday April 5

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

Our Squamish experience is approaching soon! We will be leaving early this Thursday morning and returning Friday afternoon.

Please read the following with your child.

Even though it has been wonderfully warm in the city, it will most likely be cooler in Squamish and there is always a chance of rain. Remember to pack warm clothes for your child. Bringing a toque and two pairs of gloves/mittens is mandatory. Rain boots are ideal as it may be wet and muddy in the forest.

All items should be identified with your child’s name. This is extremely important! Please remember that we are going for an overnight only and your child must be able to carry his/her bag. If I may suggest, packing the bag a few days before will allow your child to be fully ready for this overnight. Your child should be packing with you so that he/she knows what is being brought to Squamish.

This is the overview of Thursday morning:

-7:00am Students to arrive at JQ, meeting point is outside by the front stairs (all students to check in with me and then go and greet their Squamish family Elder)

-7:15am Departure from school

*Students prone to motion sickness will sit in the front with a plastic bag in hand. If you think your child will struggle with this, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

*Rules on the bus: remain seated, refrain from eating or drinking, keep voices to a low level

-9:00am arrival in Squamish — we will pick up Kate (the NVOS leader) and the parents who traveled by car. We will hike to the Bighouse together (children will be allowed to take their snack and eat as we walk). From this point on, all Squamish family members will stay together.

I would like to reiterate the importance of respect for elders while in Squamish. We will be discussing this on Tuesday and Wednesday to be ready for our visit. All students must follow their Elders instructions at all times.

I am looking forward to seeing all of my students on Tuesday (with library books in hand) and then all of you early on Thursday morning. If your child can go to bed earlier on Wednesday night, it would be helpful as we will have a long day on Thursday.

Have a great Sunday!

P.S. No electronics are allowed on this outing (cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc). Don’t forget to send your child’s comfort kit to me on Tuesday!