Math – What To Do During Spring Break

Math – What To Do During Spring Break

Approximately 1/3 of the class still has difficulty with basic math facts (+, -, x). Please take 10 minutes each day to review these at home during Spring Break.

We have yet to cover long division and those who cannot quickly add, subtract and divide basic numbers will for sure struggle once we start working on long division. Believe me, this doesn’t get any easier once they get older.

Some of you will see a yellow slip in your child’s agenda (see picture attached to this post). I’ve spoken with the students involved and they should have taken their JUMP Math¬†assessment book home to practice. I will give these students another chance when we come back from the break.


If you are looking for various ways to review basic math facts with your child at home, I’ve created a special folder on Edmodo for them to refer to. Your child should know what I mean by this as I’ve demonstrated a few times how to get to these folders.

Thanks for your support!