Purple Day – Friday

Purple Day – Friday

On Friday, I encourage students to wear purple, to bring awareness to epilepsy. I will be baking purple cupcakes and I’m looking for a few more student/parent volunteers to also help bake purple cupcakes at home. The goal is to sell these cupcakes during recess on Friday. We we will donate all proceeds to the BC Epilepsy Society. 

Please note that this is NOT a school wide event. However, to make this more meaningful to the students, I have invited two other classes to our “Purple Cupcake” store: Mme Eve and Mr.D’s classes. Unfortunately, since this is a small event, I cannot invite all siblings from other Divisions too. If you are baking cupcakes and you have another child in a different Division, I encourage you to bake an extra cupcake at home for him/her so he/she can bring it to school on Friday. This sale will not be advertised around the school and I plan on keeping it low-key.

If you would like to help bake a few purple cupcakes, please add your name to this Google Doc.

I do not need parent helpers to run this bake sale. I would like the students to do as much of the work as possible and I prefer to let them learn from this experience on their own. I plan on coaching them first during class time.

Thanks for your support!

More info on Purple Day can be found here.

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Picture taken from this site: http://www.jerseybites.com/2011/03/purple-cupcakes-and-%E2%80%9Cthe-cake-boss%E2%80%9D-support-epilepsy-awareness/