Squamish – Supplies List

Squamish – Supplies List

Good evening everyone!

Here is the recommended packing list for Squamish. I remember posting it at some point but my memory has been playing tricks on me lately (I forgot I had a coffee on Sunday morning, can you believe it?)

12) CS_Skw Supplies List

I attended a teacher meeting two weeks ago in North Vancouver and here’s what came up a few times during that session.

1) Clothes will get filthy. Don’t send you child with a fancy snow suit as it will for sure come back dirty.

2) It will be smoky in the big house so fancy clothes are a no-no. I love the smell of a campfire but I’m not sure all of you will be ok with it.

2) All students must bring a toque and two pairs of gloves/mittens. Be prepared for terrible conditions (lots of rain!). Extra socks and warm + waterproof boots are also a must.

3) It will get cold at night. At this time of the year (and even in the summer) I always use my -12 C sleeping bag. I get cold easily but I’m always prepared and I never have issues.


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