Annie’s Inquiry – Please Read!

Annie’s Inquiry – Please Read!

Good evening!

As part my of my first SFU inquiry, I plan on working with the students to improve their oral French.

My question for this inquiry is:

“How can I use voice recorders to improve my students’ oral French (pronounciation + rhythm & expression)?

To help me with this project, I have purchased a few voice recorders. I also own two video cameras and an iPad and I plan on using them with the students in class. If your child owns an iPod that allows him/her to record his voice, feel free to send him to school with it. As mentioned in the past, I cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items but rest assured that my classroom is always locked and that I do not intend on leaving it unsupervised. I take care of my personal belongings and I will expect the same from my students.

Please note that the only people I will be sharing my results with in April are other teachers enrolled in this Field Studies program. At this point, I do not intend to continue further but should I change my mind, I will contact you personally to ask for official permission. No names will be given and I do not plan on using images of my students for this project.

If you have any other questions about this, feel free to come see me. I am on supervision duty every morning for the next few weeks and this is always a great time to touch base.

Thanks for your support with this!


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