Classroom Update – January 29

Classroom Update – January 29

Dear Parents,

I only have a few minutes left before I leave school but I wanted to give you a quick update on the following:

1. Squamish: many parents would like to volunteer. Thanks so much! Unfortunately, the North Vancouver Outdoor School program asks that only 6 parents come with the group. On Thursday, I will draw names and will let you know who will have the privilege to come with us. Please note that parent chaperones will not be placed in the same group as their own child. I have copied/pasted what has just been shared with us by one of the organisers of the program.

“We ask that parents be in a different family group than their child.  This way the child can have the same experience as the others (including sleeping in their family group), and the parent can focus on all the students in their group, not just their own child.”

Thanks for completing the Squamish survey! I’m only missing two surveys but as soon as I get everything back, I will be able to send you the official permission form. From the look of it, it will be approximately $145 per child (this will be confirmed in a few days). The cost of the outing includes transportation, food and lodging. Don’t forget that it is always possible to request a full or a partial subsidy if you’re tight financially.


2. Livromanie: tomorrow, the students will start reading French books from the Livromanie program. These books were chosen by a few teacher librarians and have been presented on this blog, which was created by Mme Chantal, our teacher librarian.

All VSB French immersion students are participating in this program. This is very exciting!


3. The students are working hard these days. When they’re not working on their “capteur de rêves” they can be found writing in French (amongst many other things). We’ve spent over 10 hours of class time writing and providing feedback to each other. Self and peer assessment is essential to learning and I’m very proud of what Division 9 students have accomplished so far. If you’d like to know more about self and peer assessment, take a look at big idea #6 on this site.

4. Social Studies & Mathematics

We are currently reading picture books and the students seem to be enjoying the themes covered. Talk to your child about it, I bet he/she has a lot to share! If you’d like to get more picture books make sure to visit the Vancouver Public Library. Their aboriginal collection is quite impressive!

Everyone is working hard in math, learning to subtract and reviewing their x7, x8 & x9 times tables. Please remember to review these with your child at home too. Knowing times tables is essential for all Grade 4 students.


Have a great evening!


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