Classroom News

Classroom News

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve been back in school for only one week but so much has happened already.

Students are currently working on:

-Creating mind maps as a pre-writing activity

-Retrieving the main ideas out of a text and creating mind maps using the information chosen

-Summarizing important information

-Reading biographies (Margaret Knight, Vidal Sassoon, The Night Witches & George Washington Carver)

-Writing in paragraph form (all writing is now kept in a writing portfolio)

-Adding 3 and 4 digit numbers, solving problems

We’ve also started reading a novel in class, Le Capteur de rêves, to complement the Grade 4 Social Studies curriculum. I have borrowed over 30 books from the Vancouver Public Library as well as the VSB Aboriginal collection and plan on creating small centres using these fabulous resources. If our schedule goes as planned, we should be starting the reading by the end of this week.

FSA tests will begin this Friday. I am not sure what tests will be given first but I will let you know as soon as I can. To help the students prepare for this, I’ve sent a sample of some Math questions for this week’s Problème de la semaine. This will take place this week only. Next week, students will be


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