Reading Aloud & Social Studies

Reading Aloud & Social Studies

We are currently reading a book together in class (The Breadwinner) and the students are really enjoying it. As a writing activity, I asked everyone to turn themselves into the main character of the story (I taught them what a 1st person narrator is) to help them write. We all put on our “magic hats” as a way to get even more inspired and it truly was magical. The students have been writing non stop! I haven’t seen this kind of writing in a very long time. Two journal entries have been entered so far and I have a feeling it will happen again soon. 

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. I tried not to get any close up shots. If you feel uncomfortable with your child being there please let me know and I will remove that picture. All that it says on the post-it you see on everyone’s forehead is “I am Parvana”.  ðŸ™‚




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