Food Chain Project

Food Chain Project

The students are currently working on a food chain project. Please note that this is an in class project. Some chose to work with a classmate, some chose to work alone. I’m pretty flexible with the format students use to display their learning and I think everyone was happy with this.

Many students came to me to ask if they could bring an electronic device at school (laptop, camera, iPod Touch, etc.) to work on their project and I told them I have no problem with this. The classroom is always locked if I am not around. I cannot take responsibility for any broken or lost devices but I can assure you that I will lock things up if I leave the classroom. 

I’ve reminded everyone that this project shouldn’t take too long to create. Some are being very ambitious and I hope they listened to my advice well. They will be given Monday afternoon (1-3pm) and Tuesday afternoon (1:30-300pm) to complete the project and I believe this is plenty of time.

Here are some documents I’ve shared in class to help students plan better: 

1 – Chaîne alimentaire – Présentation du projet (discussed in class – this was done with the students using the clas projector)

2 – Chaîne alimentaire – Planification (discussed in class)

3 – Chaîne alimentaire – Rubric (this will be shared tomorrow in class)


I hope this helps!


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