Goal Setting Conference Schedule

Goal Setting Conference Schedule

Good evening!

I’ve attached the schedule for next week’s Goal Setting Conferences. Today, the students began planning for their big meeting which will take place next week. They will be running the meeting and with this week’s preparations, I think they will be more than ready. 

In case you haven’t attended a Goal Setting Conference before, I invite you to read:

1) The letter I sent home last week (it was attached to the availability sheet) 

2) A blog post I wrote discussing Goal Setting (this was written two years ago with a group of Grade 6/7 students) 

3) The information shared on this site (we are discussing this in class all week long)


Of special note:

1) Please be on time. Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before your meeting. I will have an alarm clock set up to keep track of the time and will come get you when I am done with the previous conference.

2) Your child must attend the conference.

3) This will be a long day for me. Meeting with so many people in one week is very challenging. I take these Goal Setting conferences seriously and I want to make sure all my students are getting the best of me. If you happen to be the last meeting of the day, or if I have a 15 minute break between two students, I would ask that you still respect the 15 minute time frame.

4) It is not a time to talk about grades. We are meeting to talk about work habits and discuss your child’s goal. Developing good work habits is extremely important and will help your child become a better learner.

If I am concerned with your child’s learning I will let you know. At this point, I am mostly concerned with students:

-who rarely speak French in class to communicate (unfortunately, the majority of students fall into this category)

-who do not read in French four times per week (this also applies to students who go away for an extended period of time)

-who do not know their x2, x4 and x5 times tables (x3, x9, x8, x7 and x6 are yet to come)

-who can’t write complete sentences or use capital letters and proper punctuation

Thanks for your understanding!





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