Meeting Requests & Goal Setting Conferences

Meeting Requests & Goal Setting Conferences

Goal Setting Conferences will be coming up soon. Each student will have a chance to sit down with me (and you) to discuss one goal he/she would like to work on. Meetings will be 15 minutes per child. Since I’m in school (SFU) until 20:00 every Wednesday evening, I will be following a different schedule than other teachers. Please make sure to fill in the Goal Setting availability sheet when I send it to you (this will be sent home next week).

At this point, if I need to meet with you, I will let you know. If you have some major concerns about your child, I will meet with you after the goal setting conferences. At the moment, I am fully booked for the next two weeks. I plan on running goal setting conferences for one week after that. I understand many parents are concerned about their child’s learning but the time I spend meeting with all of you is time I am unable to give to your child. 

Also please note that in order to keep up with the standards of planning, researching, teaching, assessing, meeting with students, blogging, and other ‘-ing’ actions I do in one professional week, I will need to keep all meetings to a maximum of 15 minutes. I have 28 amazing students and they all deserve the very best of me. 

Thank you for your understanding.


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