Classroom Update – End of October

Classroom Update – End of October

Good afternoon!

Many things are happening in Division 9 but as usual, I’m having a hard time keeping you updated. Teaching, helping students, researching, planning and assessing are a priority and when there are too many things to do, blogging is the last thing on my list. I also spend a great deal of time reading and doing SFU related stuff (also connected to my teaching) so it’s not always possible for me to keep you informed of all the things we do in the classroom. Thankfully, most students are great at keeping track of their work in their agenda. I also hope you have a chance to discuss school related issues on a daily basis.

Here’s what students have been doing these past few weeks:

Math: making patterns, finding rules in patterns, making T-tables, solving problems, memorizing and practicing times tables, adding numbers.

By the end of this coming week, we should be able to start discussing number sense (place value, writing and representing numbers). Yay!

English & French: differentiating nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, writing complete sentences, discussing sentence lengths and sentence beginnings, reading aloud (The Breadwinner, an English novel), doing silent sustained writing (SSW), making predictions using various parts of a text (title, headings, subheadings, captions, etc.), reading with expression

As practice, I recommend having discussions at home around nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Make lists of them and also take the time to hunt them down when reading a text. Find words you love and discuss why. 

Fine Arts: dancing, singing and recording songs for Baby Ainsley (Roots of Empathy), experimenting with water color and pastel crayons, creating individual mosaics (we’re almost finished – double yay!)

On Monday, I’d like to start a new project with the class in preparation for Remembrance Day.

Health & Career: discussing the importance of good work habits (handing work on time and raising a hand instead of calling out), learning to be a good friend, finding and discussing ways to be safe online

Social Responsibility: taking care of school material, sharing school material (pencils & pens, mostly), being consistent with class responsibilities, being kind with each other, learning to include others even if they’re not our best friends

Technology: learning to use a computer (turning it on, saving documents at the right place, finding saved documents, creating folders), using the search bar and address bar when going on the internet, troubleshooting without panicking and losing patience, using Open Office (Writer and Impress), learning how to type, using Edmodo to communicate in French, and communicating with each other without getting up and disrupting classmates

Science: we haven’t had a chance to do science in a few weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to, we simply don’t have enough time. If we don’t waste too much time during transitions, I’d like to do an experiment with them this week. Fingers crossed!


I know there are a lot more things going on in the classroom but I’ll give you a chance to talk with your child to discover them.

Have a great evening!



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