Classroom Update – Month of October

Classroom Update – Month of October

Many things are happening in Division 9 but as usual, I’m having a hard time keeping you updated. Thankfully, most students are great at keeping track of their work in their agenda and I hope you also have a chance to discuss school related issues on a daily basis.

Here are some random thoughts that come to mind at the moment:


Meeting Requests

 I understand many parents are concerned about their child’s learning and would like to meet with me. In average, I meet 3 parents per week and there are weeks where I am busier than that. Unfortunately, the time I take meeting with all of you is also taking away time I can spend working for and with your child. For all future meetings, I will ask you to 


As I’m sure you know, my day starts really early in the morning and doesn’t end at 3:01. Most of my evenings are spent working from home and it’s also happening during the weekends.

Here’s an example of what most teachers do on a daily basis: teaching, researching, planning, prepping lessons, shopping for material needed, assessing, helping students in need,  and blogging (I’m sure I forgot a few).


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