Math Célébration Coming Up (Friday)

Math Célébration Coming Up (Friday)

In Division 9, tests are called “Célébrations”. Students celebrate their knowledge. I do not use percentage or letter grades when I mark. Instead, once returned, your child receives a checklist to know exactly which concepts are exceeding, fully meeting, meeting or minimally meeting my expectations. The comments I use will be very similar to the ones appearing on your child’s report card at the end of the term.

I also see a Math Celebration as a snapshot of your child’s learning. Some students get anxious, some are fine with it. To help them focus and forget about their worries, we’ll do some breathing exercices before starting.

What you can do to help:


1) Allow your child to review the basic concepts on his own, at home. Let him go over the work he’s done in class (I’ve marked most of them and the rest have been corrected together in class). Doing a few more questions (2 or 3) would be beneficial. 

2) Ten minutes of review per day is sufficient. I will talk about it in class today. I’ve also prepared a small package (2 sheets) as extra work just in case.

3) Don’t stess out about it.



1) Praise your child for what he’s been able to accomplish. 

2) Go over what went wrong, correct it. Be encouraging. 


What if my child did very poorly?

I would be surprised as so far, I did not see this in class. But if this is the case and your child is not meeting the expectations, I will sit down with him to see what went wrong. There are always second chances. Don’t worry. It will be alright.


 Here’s a scan of three pages you child will also bring home, corrected.



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