Computer Lab – First Visit

Computer Lab – First Visit

Divison 9 students had their first visit to the computer lab today. We managed to do quite a bit, considering it was our first visit.


1. We discussed computer lab rules. Students were able to share their thoughts using a very fun online tool. Click here if you want to see what they wrote (in French).

2. We came up with a troubleshooting list and posted it on this blog

2. Students each received a set of headphones. These headphones were purchased with some of my class PAC money a few years ago. Each year, students are assigned a set of headphones. Headphones are numbered so we know who uses what and I am expecting everyone to look after their set of headphones for the entire school year. Unfortunately, if a set of headphones is damaged, it will need to be replaced by the student.

3. Students started working on their typing skills, using Dance Mat Typing. This can also be done at home from your own computer.

4. Students used Edmodo to share their daily learning, instead of writing it on paper. Those who hadn’t had a chance to visit Edmodo were able to do so during our computer lab period.


To practice at home: 

-Log in on Edmodo (some are still confused with the first few steps)

-Review what an “address bar” is. Some were typing the address of the site we were using in the wrong place.

-Go over what to do when wanting to search something using a search engine such as Google. You don’t need to go in depth. Some students didn’t know where to go online.


All in all, it was a very productive period. I look forward to our next sessions at the computer lab!



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