Classroom Update – End of September

Classroom Update – End of September

Good evening everyone!

This week is going to be full of fun activities. Students are finally getting used to the classroom routines and they are getting much quicker at getting organised. This means we have more time to work, learn and have fun.

Here are some observations I made this past week in class:

1) Many students need to practice cursive writing at home. So far, we have covered “clock climbers” (a, c, d, g and q) and it’s important that they continue practicing these letters at home. When students’ handwriting is difficult to read, it may mean their hand muscles are not fully developed. I am not an expert in the field but I found an interesting blog you may want to check out so as to get some ideas on how to improve fine motor skills. Click on this link and you’ll get there in no time.

2) Please make sure to sign the agenda and the daily learning log on a daily basis. Your support is greatly appreciated with this matter. Make sure to not write in the space where you child writes his/her homework. 

3) In math, we are currently working on patterns. I have noticed that many students have difficulty adding and subtracting. It is a great idea to review basic facts at home as well. Soon, we’ll also be going over times tables.

4) Home French reading program: starting in October, students need to fill out their home reading log on their own. They need to become more responsible and by filling the forms out for them, it is not being helpful. If your child needs extra assistance with this, please let me know and we can find an alternative for you.

5) I’ve heard many students talk about how busy their life after school is. Some have come to me, worried that they will not be able to keep up with school work. You may want to talk to your child about this, to see if this the case for him/her. 


And last but not least, here are a few important reminders for you:

Homework for Parents:

 1) Executive Functioning Skills – Please return this questionnaire, fully completed. If you need a new copy, let me know and I’ll send you a new one.

2) Edmodo – Code of Conduct to return + parent sign up

3) Some students haven’t returned their student information package (many important forms were attached together). Liz, our wonderful school secretary, needs them back as soon as possible.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!


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