Today in class the students learned about autism.

1) We read the following article:

My daughter’s severe autism and how she found her voice

2) We watched this video:

My Autism and Me

3) We also quickly discussed Autism Awareness Day.

In the video we watched, it’s been said that half of children who have autism are bullied. I hope that by learning about autism my students will be more understanding of their peers, regardless of what makes them different.

If you’d like to continue learning about autism, I strongly recommend the following:

1) Watch these clips of Carly

2) Read Carly’s Voice (a book she’s co-authored with her dad)

3) Watch these two movies:

1. The Horse Boy

2. Temple Grandin

If you have other great suggestions to add to this list, feel free to include them to the comments section of this post.

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