Back in Action!

Back in Action!

It’s so nice to be back in Vancouver and I can’t wait to start working with the students tomorrow! To make transitions as smooth as possible, I’ve sent an email to all of them to let them know of tomorrow’s schedule.

If time allows and there aren’t too many disruptions this week, students will be doing the following:

-Math (review): cartesian plane, long division, ratio and rate.

-Math (new stuff): fractions and decimals

-French/Nutrition: students will begin working on a big project this week. Please ask your child for more details. I will start explaining what we’ll be doing on Tuesday.

-French – note taking: looking at main and secondary ideas

-French – listening and vocabulary: we’ll be listening to an episode of “C’est la vie”.

-Science: earth’s crust (types of rocks and minerals)

-Fine Arts: improv & a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery (Wednesday afternoon)

-English – writing: leads

-English – reading and discussins: Book Club meeting #2

-Health & Career: male and female reproductive systems


I’ve also opened a Twitter account for the class. If you’d like to follow us on Twitter, make sure to look for @JQDivision3. See you there!






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