How We Learn & Math Homework

How We Learn & Math Homework

This article is for parents. Students are welcome to read it too, of course. Here’s a part I found particularly interesting:

“If you study, wait, and then study again, the longer the wait, the more you’ll have learned after this second study session.” Bjork explains it this way: “When we access things from our memory, we do more than reveal it’s there. It’s not like a playback. What we retrieve becomes more retrievable in the future. Provided the retrieval succeeds, the more difficult and involved the retrieval, the more beneficial it is.”


The following part is for Division 3 students. I could have easily given this in class today but I think it’s important to give our brain a bit of a break and take on a similar task later in the day.


Représente les soustractions suivantes en les illustrant. Inspire-toi de l’exemple qu’on a fait en classe. Sers-toi des jetons blancs (+) ou rouges (-) pour montrer ce que tu as compris. Si tu ne comprends pas bien, pas de panique! On continuera à travailler ceci en classe cette semaine.

1) (-3) – (+2)

2) (+2) – (-4)

Bon travail!


P.S. This link is meant to be opened in Google Chrome. If not, it won’t work.



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