Vancouver Holocaust Centre + How to Fill Out a Permission Form

Vancouver Holocaust Centre + How to Fill Out a Permission Form

We are going to the Vancouver Holocaust Centre tomorrow (Monday). This is out 3rd outing this year and I’d like to remind everyone (parents and students included) of the proper steps for filling out a permission form.

It is important to me that this gets done properly. I spend a great deal of time organizing, counting, making lists of who has and who hasn’t returned their form (with and without money), so when the following steps are not done properly, it becomes extremely frustrating.

Steps to take:

1. Read the entire permission form and make sure everything is accurate. It still happens that parents complete the wrong permission form needed for an outing.

2. Keep the top part. There is important information on it. For example, the Vancouver Holocaust Centre is a kosher facility.

3. Put all money and papers in one sealed envelope. A ziploc bag is fine too. At the moment, there are 3 ziploc bags without names on them.

A great way to avoid this problem is to keep old envelopes from bills and various documents in the mail. I get them all the time and I’ve noticed some of you have started reusing them too. That’s great!

4. Add your child’s name on the part you are returning. Once again this time, there were 4 permission forms without names on them.

5. All permission forms (with $) must be left in the red basket on the round table. These papers do not belong on my desk.

Please take the time to add your name and/or your child’s name in the “comments” part of this post.

Thanks so much for your understanding!






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