Time to Recycle

Time to Recycle

Good afternoon everyone!

As I was cleaning up the house and taking down the Christmas tree, I started thinking about how much waste there usually is during the Holiday season. Many of you may have some unwanted items at home that may be put to good use at schools.

Regular Wish List

1- Cute (and recycled) Christmas & Hanukkah cards – I would appreciate if you could cut out the cover of the card for me. Personal messages inside the card are not needed.


(sorry about the blurry shot)

2- Christmas lights – perfect for building electric gizmos

3- Empty boxes of various sizes – We will soon be building robots!


Crazy Wish List (I thought I’d ask as many of us get new gadgets at this time of the year and we like to get rid of the ‘old stuff’)

1- Old electronics – stereo, DVD player (the one I have in class doesn’t have a remote control)

2- Speakers (without stereo)



And last but not least, if you’d like to participate in the final contest of the year, make sure to watch the following video. To enter the contest, you must be able to answer Zooey and Joe’s question. Leave a note in the comments section of this blog and you will become eligible to win points for your group table. Deadline: January 2nd at 9pm.


Happy New Year!


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