Facebook, Bullying, Writing Tools and Christmas

Facebook, Bullying, Writing Tools and Christmas

Good morning everyone!

 I’ve been collecting a bunch of interesting articles and cool websites, so before my list gets too long, I’d like to share a few with you. All links will also be added to the ‘Liens Intéressants’ section of this blog if they are targeted at students.


 Did you know that children under age 13 are not supposed to be on Facebook? This is what I got from their site:

No information from children under age 13. If you are under age 13, please do not attempt to register for Facebook or provide any personal information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have any information from a child under age 13, please contact us through this help page.

Parental participation. We strongly recommend that minors 13 years of age or older ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet and we encourage parents to teach their children about safe internet use practices. Materials to help parents talk to their children about safe internet use can be found on this help page.  

If your child already has a Facebook account and you’re fine with it, I recommend following these steps:


1. Read this article. I found it in Today’s Parent magazine. Great article! It’s a must read for all parents and teachers alike.

2. Visit the links I’ve included in the ‘For Parents’ section of this blog, under ‘Internet Safety’.

3. Open your own Facebook account (if you don’t have one already).

4. Discuss Facebook usage with your child (if he/she has his/her own account)

5. Know your child’s password. (discussed in article listed in #1)

6. Discuss the consequences of postings pictures and saying ‘inappropriate stuff’ online (Facebook,  emails, etc.).

Writing Tools

Students are really lucky to have access to such terrific online tools. Here are some of my latest discoveries:

1. Here is a great (and quick!) online dictionary everyone will enjoy using. It even keeps a history of all the words searched.

 2. Celui-ci n’est pas aussi rapide mais tout aussi utile:

3. For those who don’t always have the name of something they are trying to describe:
4. When having trouble deciding between two similar phrases:

5. For those of us who can’t seem to remember the entire word and get obsessed with it. If only they had one like this for songs!



And to end this on a funny note, I’d like to share this cute video with you. Have a great weekend!


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