Another Thank You! More News!

Another Thank You! More News!

Thanks to those of you who responded to my previous posts. It’s heartwarming to see that many parents are reading this blog.

I’ve started calling a few of you this evening but I honestly don’t know how I will be able to finish this task. So… If you know other parents from Division 3, please remind them of this blog and let them know of these following items:

1. All students need to have one pair of indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are indoor shoes, they should never be used to play outside. It may seem like a silly thing to ask but believe me, it’s really helpful to keep the classroom nice and tidy. Gym shoes are also needed (these can also be left at school) and everyone should be wearing warm boots to play outside at lunch and recess. It’s cold out. Almost as cold as Québec!

2. Speaking of Québec, there will be a mandatory Québec meeting on Tuesday November 30. All Grade 7 parents must attend (one parent per family ok) and if Grade 6 students wish to host, Grade 6 parents must also be there. There will be many papers to fill out so make sure to bring a pen with you. I believe your child’s care card number may be needed so make sure to have it handy. Another piece of information required will be your child’s full name, the one that appears on the passport.


Classroom news:

1. Classroom meetings have officially started. After many weeks spent rethinking the format, I’ve finally come up with one that will work for everyone in the group. A great book that I use for inspiration is this one:

On the agenda last week, students discussed their concerns with the guitar. Perhaps some of you didn’t know this but there is a guitar in class that everyone is allowed to use. Up until now, there have been no real rules as to who could use it and when.  Little did I know that many students were annoyed with the fact that some played it while others were trying to work. It was never really loud enough that I felt the need to say anything but some spoke up and we all took turns listening to each other.

After discussing the issue we came to a vote and the rule is that the guitar can only be played when students are coming back from recess and lunch as well as during free time.

Another issue that will need to be discussed further is ‘how long’ each person is allowed to play the guitar. It’s obvious that there are more students who want to play than there are guitars available. So if you know of any good deals let me know and I will consider getting one or two more.


2. I just discovered a great book: This is Compassion. I borrowed it from our school library and together in class we read some of the stories. As students were reading their story the entire class was silent. I could have heard a pin drop!

If you’d like to order a copy of it to see for yourself you will be able to find all the information needed on this site.

I leave you with a few pictures of our “Grande Allée”. One of them was taken by a student a few weeks ago, and the other was taken yesterday morning as I entered our beautiful site near the forest. I don’t think I need to specify which of these two pictures was taken yesterday. Our living conditions are not easy but I have to admit that I really like living near the great outdoors!



And last but not least, here is a cool art project some students may be interested in doing at home. I know Taylor will love it… Anyone else interested in trying? 🙂


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