School Supplies List – 2010-2011

School Supplies List – 2010-2011

This is what students will need for the 2010-2011 school year:

-One 1 1/2 inch binder- if you have something else at home that isn’t of that size I’m sure it will be fine – reusing is best!

-One set of dividers, 8-10 subjects – can be homemade

-A basic calculator – should not cost more than $6

-A clip board – $3.99 for 2 – share the cost with a friend!

-A pencil case – reuse the one your child had last year

-A reusable water bottle

-One Kleenex box

-One pair of indoor shoes

-A pair of gym shoes – these need to be left at school at all times as we will be active every day


I will provide your child with the following supplies:

-notebooks (math, science, writing, etc.)

-lined paper

-graph paper


-pens (red and blue)

-a purple highlighter

-coloring crayons


-an eraser

-a ruler

-a pair of scissors

-a glue stick


School fees are $25 and the agenda is $10. One $35 cheque per student please.

**Let me know if you need a subsidy. We will cover the cost of any of these supplies, the school fees and/or the agenda. All subsidy requests remain confidential.


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